Partial Dentures with Clear Flexible Clasps

Many individuals wearing partial dentures do not like the look of the metal clasps near the front or anterior region of the mouth.  A way to resolve this is with a clear clasp.


Clear clasps can take the place of a metal ones and esthetically look great!  These clasps can be placed on an existing cast metal framework or on an acrylic denture.  The clasp virtually blends into the surrounding area of the mouth once moistened with saliva. It possesses high tensile & shock strength with excellent resiliency, allowing the appliance to flex over extreme undercuts, while still providing a comfortable fit.

They make a great alternative to the metal clasps; however, they are not as strong as their metal counter parts. You could also have denture with a combination of metal clasps in the posterior or back of the mouth (if possible) and the white or clear in an area that would be visible when speaking or smiling.

Here at J A Denture Clinic, we also have the option to deliver partial dentures which do not contain any metal. We understand that when you are smiling, you do not want to have any type of metal to show. These types of partial dentures are perfect to eliminate any metal from showing. They are also flexible and will not break as easily.